Matthew P. Rojas

The Name that Separates

the name that separates



Leah finds herself at the center of an investigation after she becomes the only known survivor to encounter a mysterious being. In order to make sense of the tragic events in her life, questions begin to rise as to why she was chosen by the supernatural entity and how was she able to survive.


Mariah-Rae Vincent, Christian Heep and Blake Blair

Executive Producer: CV North America, Maker Table & Matthew P. Rojas
Producer: Matthew P. Rojas + Hailey C. Rojas
Director + Writer: Matthew P. Rojas
DP: Daniel Routh

Editor: Matthew P. Rojas
VFX: Rob Martinez
Colorist: John Carrington

Drew Alan - “To The Witnesses”
Sound Design: Bradford Nyght




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‘The Name that Separates’ is a modern take on the traditional story from the book of Genesis, where Jacob wrestles with the angel. This Sci-fi short film takes place in the future where there have been strange occurrences involving a specific supernatural being. 

"It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared." (Gen. 32:30 NIV)

[A quote by Jacob after wrestling the Angel]

God wants us to recognize and confess who He is and to be a witness of His glory. Which is why Leah is left alive so that she can be a witness, confessing her encounter to ‘The Watchers’. Leaving the mystery of the supernatural to plausible truth.

Behind the scenes