Matthew P. Rojas

The Altar

The altar



A sparring practice takes a turn for the worse when darker motives are revealed.


Featuring Erik Sands and Mason Woodward

Executive Producer: Musicbed + Matthew P. Rojas

Director + Producer: Matthew P. Rojas
Producer: Hailey C. Rojas + Brandon Zebell
Writer: Matthew P. Rojas + Jason Walter Vaile
DP: Brandon Zebell

Created for Musicbed as an example for the Musicbed Challenge in the narrative category:




Director Matthew P. Rojas created this tense, quietly epic short film in a single setting with just two actors and almost no dialogue. By doing that, he was able to dive into the mood, pacing, and setting so intently that you almost forget there’s so little going on. On top of that, if you pay attention to the story arc in The Altar, you may recognize some of its allegorical tendencies and references.
— Musicbed