Matthew P. Rojas

Bivin's Pointe 'Remember'

Bivin’s pointe regional spot


Client: Bivins Pointe
Production Company: Lemieux Company
Executive Producer: Wilson Lemieux

Producer: Matthew P. Rojas + Wilson Lemieux

Director: Matthew P. Rojas

DP: Brandon Zebell

Editor: Matthew P. Rojas

Colorist: John Carrington

 Bradford Nyght - “Remember”

Sound Design: Bradford Nyght


project brief

When Bivin’s Pointe came to Lemieux Company they wanted to showcase their facility’s offerings in both long term care and rehabilitation. We knew that we wanted the story to be tied together by an easily recognizable object. I chose the guitar. 

The restoration of the guitar mimics the restoration that is occurring in the Father. Just as something that appeared dusty, forgotten, and old was brought back to life, in the same way this mirrors the process that the Father is in. 

Just because something is old, doesn’t mean that its ready to be thrown away. It can continue on and become even better than it was before.


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