Matthew P. Rojas

Always on Time




Graphic designer races against time to finish a presentation for a wristwatch campaign.


Danielle Wheeler, Celena Rae Vittorio, Gabrielle Reyes, Colby Mahon, and Grey Acuna

Executive Producer: Ismael Burciaga + Matthew Rojas

Producer: Matthew P. Rojas, Hailey Rojas and Grey Acuna

Director: Matthew P. Rojas
Writer: Matthew P. Rojas + Jason Walter Vaile
DP: John Carrington

Editor: Matthew P. Rojas
VFX: Rob Martinez
Colorist: John Carrington

Bradford Nyght - “Working Late?” + “Time Crunch”
Motetos de Passos in E-flat major - O Vos omnes [public domain on]
Sound Design: Bradford Nyght



The film possesses an excellent sense of craft with its moody cinematography and dynamic editing and shots, it is often shot like a moody, kinetic thriller, which adds to the comedy of the situation. For the main character, her situation feels very much like a life-or-death situation, and each aberration from her usual routine harbors a sense of danger.

“Always on Time” captures the absurdities of modern life particularly with how we relate to time, deadlines and the way our inner experience is shaped by these expectations. Its final shots should prove satisfying to anyone who’s labored under a tight deadline or raced against the tyranny of someone else’s timetable."


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